Pentecost – Great Spirit

Every day is a holiday – a day to receive and honor the GREAT HOLY SPIRIT.
We know the days of Pentecost and a few other holy solemn days, on which the GREAT SPIRIT is honored – and is supposed to spread over the world !

  • But in the minds of many people the GREAT HOLY SPIRIT is nothing more than a nice, nice holy idea, a conception – a few holy thoughts about a better and holier world?
    Mostly it is not much more, it remains with a concept, with a few hypocritical words on the few sanctified days, which are as normal as any other.
    But the HOLY SPIRIT is not an idea or a concept – the HOLY GREAT SPIRIT is in TRUTH the wonderful only REALITY that really exists, even when everything else has ceased to exist, has been destroyed, annihilated and reduced to rubble.
    The HOLY SPIRIT is the non-dual pure SPIRIT or the pure immortal CONSCIOUSNESS that could be recognized and realized in a silent moment! E.g. now when we stop only thinking about it and put a concept over it. Then the Holy SPIRIT becomes real in a BEING.
    This is the immediate meeting point with the GREAT nondual SPIRIT e.g. on Pentecost and on all other holy holidays and in general on every holy day of your life when you breathe. No, not you breathe – the Holy SPIRIT breathes -.
    Are you ready to receive and realize HIM?
    Photo: Puja -☀️ in honor of the GREAT HOLY SPIRIT who I AM!