About the female enlightened principle

It is said that women are closer to enlightenment.
Hmmm… that could be, but only if women really embody the female principle more intimately and intensely, the receiving giving principle.
And only because women often find this access to their feelings, their perception and their body easier – by nature.
Because the girl from an early age was allowed a little bit more to feel, to sense, to be sensitive and to express these partly intense perceptions. But that was still kept very much in check.
Also the girls used to be suppressed in schools too much joy, too much laughter, too much lightness, too much exuberance, too much impudence, too much of all feelings, even the so-called negative feelings. It was not allowed to perceive too much, to feel too much and thus to know too much.
🤷‍♀️But also we women were vehemently truncated and our female bodies with female characteristics were not allowed to really live much of what we felt to be real.
It was not allowed to be true, i.e. much of what the body perceived with its sensors was not allowed to exist.
It was ignored, smiled at, belittled, suppressed, subjugated, hushed up.
Everything had to remain in a so to speak harmless frame, because if the truth would have shown itself, the life would have become dangerously true.
Yes, life was not allowed to be wild and true and genuine and sincere and honest and unruly and dangerous, because that would have shaken the lie structure of life quite violently. Already much much earlier.
The female perception instrument was truncated insofar that by the indoctrination of the consciousness this intuitive sense knowledge was declared as nonsensical, illogical and even as stupid because it was not intellectually graspable.
But the perception, whereby the body serves as instrument, is multidimensional and has its own higher and ingenious logic.
🤷‍♂️Of course The man’s body as well is a highly sensitive perceptual instrument for life, but only when he deeply accepts, trains and expresses the feminine principle within himself in the same way.
When the masculine and feminine principles are balanced within us SELF, whether it has masculine or feminine gender characteristics, we are whole, fully functional, incredibly diverse and rich, multidimensional as a being characteristic.
So when CONSCIOUSNESS (SHIVA) and ENERGY (SHAKTI) unite we are WHOLE BEINGS – Our enlightened nature is WHOLENESS – ONENESS – and we are capable of genius.